domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

The Bird of Happiness

Long ago in a small house in the forest igor lived with his parents. Was a very poor family his father was a woodcutter and his mother made clothes for the rich of the city.

The father of igor taught him all the names of the birds and the boy knew all the songs of the birds, but in winter the birds went to landscapes warmer, a winter igor became ill and the doctor went to see him but did not know that igor had many sick children, the doctor could not help igor only said to give him good food and to sleep.

Days later Igor became sick and he spent in his bed and he did not play, his father brought him things from the forest but Igor no longer cared, he did not want to eat and at night he had a fever. One night Igor was dreaming and when he awoke his father told him that if he wanted lake and igor told him that he wanted to listen to the song of a bird and that if he could bring one in a cage and put it on the bed. Igor's father said yes but he knew it was difficult to find a bird because they were in winter.

Igor's mother told her husband to make him a bird in wood, Igor's father cut the wood carefully to make the wings, at dawn he showed the bird to his wife.

Igor's mother tied him up and his father put him on the bed of igor, when igor awoke his eyes sparkled and asked his father that he had never seen that bird in the forest, the father told him to try to find out what was it called. One morning the father of igor went into the child's room and saw igor sitting on the bed trying to touch the bird, the night the father went up the bird and igor asked him if he knew how the bird is called and his father Said he did not know yet.

Five days later igor was standing trying to reach the bird when his father entered igor told him that if he could help turn the bird and his father told him that he was not so tall.

Seven days later the father was chopping wood and heard a loud noise in the house and ran to the room of igor, when I entered igor was jumping of happiness because he had touched the bird, the child asked him to please tell him the name of the bird And his father told him that he was called the bird of happiness and his mother was at the door happy because his son was no longer sick.


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The bird of happiness A tittle boy calle rigor, his father was a woodcutter and his mother made clothes, their house was inthe middle of a...